Freeze Machine. Let's Talk Recovery at the General PT in Huntsville Texas

Always sore? Beat up? Or feel like less than 100% when attacking a workout? Are you giving your body what it needs to recover in order to attack your goals each day? If not, is it because you don't know how? Let us help you! 

Here, at The General Performance Training and Recovery, we stress the involvement in recovery, its importance, and how you can benefit from the results. We program one day a week for our athletes to stretch, relax, reduce soreness through moving, or even to take a day out of the gym to enjoy it and give the body what it needs. 

Your recovery is just as important as your training if you want to see results. Training at 100% 3 times/week benefits the body and mind so much more than training every day at less than 80%, beat up, with no motivation except that you feel like "you have to work out". 

Creating blood flow, reducing lactic acid, and allowing your body and mind to have a sense of healing is the main goal behind your recovery. This healing allows you to WANT to come back to a normal day of training,  producing a sense of urgency to get back to a work out, seeking to crush goals and reap the benefits. 

Everyone recovers differently. Some need extra sleep or food, some need a massage, some need to stretch and do an active recovery workout, and some need to just get outside and do something active that they enjoy because of fitness. 

Here, at The General we are striving to deliver all of these different methods of recovery to you. By adding our Cryotherapy Chamber, massage chairs, and Normatec sleeves, we have increased your opportunity to recover MORE; therefore, train more, producing more goal smashing workouts and results for you! Take your recovery as serious as your training and join us at The General Performance Training and Recovery to take that next step in your journey by stepping into the cold or relaxing in one of the chairs!

Cryotherapy Benefits:

Maximize Performance:
  • Increased Energy
  • Increase In Muscle Strength
  • Peak Athletic Performance
  • Allows Greater Intensity and Higher Volume of Training
  • Overall Quicker Return to Training
  • Decrease Lactic Acid and Therefore Decrease Muscle Soreness
Improve Health:
  • Decreases Fatigue
  • Treatment of Acute Sport Injuries
  • Treatment of Fibromyalgia
  • Treatment of Chronic Pain
  • Treatment of Inflammation of the Tendons, Bursa, and Joint Capsules
  • Treatment of Multiple Types of Arthritic Conditions
  • Boos Lymph and Blood Circulation to Drain Away Toxins
Relieve Pain and Reduce Inflammation:
  • Decreases Injury Recovery Time
  • Improvement in Joint Function
  • Natural Pain Relief Due to Analgesic Effects of Endorphins Released
Improve Beauty:
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Slows the Aging Process
  • Accelerates Metabolism
  • Stronger, Fuller Hair
  • Fewer Skin Blemishes
  • Increased Collagen Production
  • Tighter, Healthier Skin
  • Stronger Nails
  • Aids Cellular Survival


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